Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Update Leon Bradley

Leon Bradley (former C of O Band Director, retired) is currently in Select Specialty Hospital (1630 E Primrose St  Springfield, MO 65804  (417) 885-4700) in their ICU. I went to visit him today and he looked the best I've seen him in quite awhile. Because of his trach, he is unable to talk but is alert and communicates by mouthing words.He anticipates getting moved out of the ICU soon. I even got him to laugh (the best he could) a couple of times, and the light is back in his eyes. 
He still has quite a long recovery ahead, but things are certainly looking up. I'm sure he would enjoy hearing from his friends. Please continue to keep him and Mary Elizabeth in your thoughts and prayers.


Cathy Coonis, Seymour H.S.

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