Saturday, January 16, 2016

Good Technology Resource

This is a great resource with live links that we got at Midwest.  We were just talking about technology with some directors and thought this would help.  Enjoy.


Friday, January 8, 2016


Today is the last day to pre-register for MMEA 2016.
Save your time and frustration in the GIANT LINE by registering on the MMEA website.  This is also the year that we vote for officers so please do that as well.

Read all boxes on MMEA website to navigate the registration process.  For retired members you do NOT have to log in to register.

As a reminder, your deadline of entering students is approaching and will be here sooner than we know it!  In November, I sent out the Google form for you to enter your students (names and sizes later).  January 8 the deadline for your registration.  It will tell us several bits of information:
1) How many students you are bringing.  This number guides so many of our decisions and needs to be finalized by then. 

2) How much money you owe:  What I mean to say is, by January 8, you are committing to that amount and that number.  If you are unable to bring all of your students REPLACE THEM.  If you do not bring them, we cannot refund their amounts unless we are notified PRIOR to the January 8 deadline. 

That's right--once January 8 sails away, you are responsible for that amount and for that number of students.  

After January 8, Ian and I will quickly send out something to collect sizes.  I  do not mean to put the rush on you but it will have to be a quick turn around so we can have Larry print the shirts.  If I may offer a suggestion, please collect your sizes ASAP of the students you have.  That way, when the form comes, you don't have to wait on them.

Another reminder--your total includes t-shirt, lunch, and registration fee. You are not able to opt out of any of those fees as it is assigned to each participating member. 

*The rehearsal tracks will be coming to you this weekend.  I'll send the link to dropbox as soon as they are available.

*I've had a few of you ask me if you can bring extra boys and after talking over it with Ian we've decided that there isn't any need.  We'd like you to stick to the formula and not bring any extra kids.  We're trying to keep things consistent for all schools and allowing some schools to bring more guys just to have more guys doesn't seem quite fair.

Here is the link for registration


District Band Rehearsal for 1/9/2016 Cancelled

DISTRICT BAND REHEARSALS for January 9, 2016 have been CANCELLED.

With the snow moving in early tomorrow morning and the amount of snow predicted in certain parts of our district, we are going to cancel the District Band rehearsal for tomorrow.  Safety of transporting students is a very high priority and I think we should be more safe than sorry. 

Please work with your students on their music for next weekend. Double check to see if they need anything special, i.e. mutes, etc.  Have them listen to the tunes on JWPepper, etc.  Please help them be prepared for next Saturday.  They will really enjoy both Dr. Jones and Mr. Mathews.  

I will send out one more email next week with a reminder about the rehearsal/concert.
Thank you to everyone who was willing to volunteer with rehearsal tunes/sectionals this weekend.  
Have a great snow weekend!⛄

Lori Hutton